Did you know that:

  • Since 2015, the United States has experienced, on average, roughly 100 more large wildfires every year than the year before.
  • 374,000 homes catch fire each year at a cost of $8Billion annually.
  • 50% of home ignitions in wildfires are started by burning embers that have been transported through the air.

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EcoSteel significantly reduces the fire hazards posed by the many combustible materials common in most homes and offices today. Insurance rates may be reduced by using fire resistant structural materials such as steel.

According to the American Institute of Steel Construction, steel is a durable, non-combustible, fire-resistant material. If your building is properly designed and constructed, a steel framing could preserve its structural integrity also when exposed to fire and high temperatures.

We specialize in fire safe new luxury residential, commercial and retail construction Nationwide. No project is too complex, and we focus on modern steel and glass buildings.

We work with architects, GC’s and property owners to create a value-driven approach to steel construction.


Our team will create a 3D model of your entire residential or commercial prefab building system. This allows us to translate the schematic design into a steel construction system with a panelized exterior skin. Our clients hire us early in the design phase so our team can work with you and your architect to analyze the building for potential conflicts


EcoSteel designs metal buildings exclusively with pre-engineered steel building components. This allows us to deliver a superior platform of building information management (BIM) combined with the latest engineering and construction technology. Our custom steel buildings are designed to meet or exceed local code while resisting earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires.


Our fabrication methods allow us the flexibility to fabricate and flat pack ship large complex structures directly to the jobsite. All parts and pieces are labeled and numbered in a detailed assembly manual that any certified steel erector can assemble with ease.

Ultra Modern Prefab Home by Architect Hector Magnus

This amazing design expresses the strength and beauty of the all metal and modern fire resistant prefabricated home. EcoSteel Bolted Frame and Custom Roof/Wall & Trim components provide a fire resistant and energy efficient building envelope.

Faced with rebuilding after a firestorm that devastated the community, the owner — a well-respected artist — desired that his house deviate from the prominent local design language in order to bring an optimistic, contemporary voice to the scene.

He also wanted the house to be an environment where he could create and display his artwork, while being inspired by the surrounding natural setting. To achieve this effect, large, expansive walls were utilized to display paintings, huge glass doors open to endless views, and a subtle color palette of materials was employed to allow art and nature to take the spotlight.

  • Set on a 1/4-acre sloping lot
  • Pre-engineered, prefabricated, recycled steel framing structure
  • Designed to be protected within the interior volume
  • The metal skeleton allows for expansive openings that are filled with metal-framed glass
  • The remaining exterior is wrapped with a fire-resistant skin of color-enhanced insulated metal panels.

Forced by circumstance, this artist residence integrated a commercial prefabricated engineered system into a modern steel home that provides a definitive edge for contemporary design in Santa Barbara and California’s central coast.

Fire resistant engineering isn’t only for residential purposes. Take a look at a custom commercial brewery created by EcoSteel for another example of a fire-safe modern metal building.

Here are some of our customers who have built fire safe eco steel homes
California Commercial Brewery Construction

The original Homespace+Workspace retail store burned down in 2009. This client came to EcoSteel seeking to build a custom commercial brewery with fire-resistant materials, but also sought a visually pleasing retail space be achieved using EcoSteel’s commercial and industrial methods and materials.

The result is a 10,340 square foot steel fire-safe building complete with 2HR fire-rated panels. To ensure this project remains on budget, interior structural elements were left exposed. The back interior faces of our pre-insulated steel panels were also left exposed to shave cost and provide a unique and interesting interior look. EcoSteel will overlay this project’s MEP plans with our BIM 3D modeling to ensure elegant integration.

This client also chose EcoSteel because of our Revit 3D modeling capabilities. It was important to easily make design changes early in the process in a virtual environment to ensure the client’s design desires were met.

EcoSteel specializes in Commercial Brewery Construction, Prefab Brewery Design, Steel Framed Brewing Buildings, Steel Brewery Buildings, Engineered Brewery Plans.


  • 10,340 Square Foot, Fire Rebuild, Retail Building
  • 2 HR Fire Rated Panels
  • Revit 3D Modeling Allows Interior MEP/Structural Integration
  • Exposed Interior Structural Elements to Shave Cost
  • Pre-finished Colorful Exterior Important for Retail Identity
  • Architect: TNT Arch
Where Innovation Meets Creativity

The possibilities are endless when you combine steel construction with high-end luxury design. The DiFede Design Group of Napa, California’s 7,500 square-foot horse barn and garage serves as a prime example of the innovation that is possible with a little creativity, efficient construction methods, and an eye for detail.

This gorgeous barn, which combines old-world design elements with modern industrial construction, is built to safely contain both horses and collector cars. Due to the increase in wildfires in California over the last couple of years, the DiFede Design Group wisely decided to build with non-combustible steel framing, roof, and wall paneling.

The Type 1 Construction method used reduces the serious risks associated with wildfires and mitigates the hazard of fire damage. Their steel-framed building also eliminates the possibility of a termite infestation, guaranteeing that this fire-resistant horse barn and garage will last for generations.

With white paneling, barn doors, and natural stone finishes, this barn blends right in with the pastoral landscape, yet has the added benefit of being built to withstand all manner of weather events. This durability is especially important when housing living creatures and valuable collector vehicles.

Because this luxury horse barn and garage is built with energy-efficient steel paneling, the interior thermal envelope is airtight and is easily temperature-controlled, retaining both heat and cooling far more efficiently than traditional, drafty barns or garages. This element is crucial for a structure to not just be aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and energy-efficient.

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