Resilient structures with resistance to earthquakes, fire, wind & termites.


Our Prefab Designs reduce completion times and errors in the field allowing finish contractors to work quickly with minimal change orders.


Steel is one of the strongest, most durable and economically manufactured materials on earth.  We do not use rare or endangered plants or materials in any part of our designs.

Reduce Costs & Minimize Risk

The EcoSteel construction approach begins with 3D modeling and steel components to provide unmatched quality and efficiency

The Technology

EcoSteel Makes Headlines

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Introducing the EcoLoft

July 7, 2015Comments are OFF

It’s the fast, eco-friendy, do-it-yourself solution to your new modern steel framed home. Fire Resistant commercial grade components ensure decades of safety and security for your family. Modern … Read More

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University Of Utah, College Of Architecture + Planning:

January 5, 2015Comments are OFF

EcoSteel Thermal Assessment by University Of Utah, College Of Architecture + Planning View Original Article "Ecosteel delivers on prefabricated metal building packages applied to residential and … Read More

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LA Times Features EcoSteel’s Tattuplex

September 22, 2014Comments are OFF

A two-story residence, sitting on an irregularly shaped concrete base and supported with five strategically imbedded caissons, was built with a steel frame prefabricated by a company called Eco Steel, … Read More

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With two specialized building types in mind, we are able to create a clear value to our clients.